Humble Indie Game Pack Cracks $500K

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Wolfire (and friends)’s unusual pay-what-you-want Humble Indie Bundle has been a smashing success:

In only a matter of days over 60,000 contributions have amounted to over $500,000 in revenue; $150,000 of which will go towards charity and there’s still several days left

According to the site Mac, Windows, and Linux total revenue breakdownWindows users are matching the contributions made by Mac and Linux users combined. But Wolfire tells me that Linux users are 2x as generous as Windows users and Mac people fall somewhere in the middle.

  • Windows: $7.10
  • Mac: $9.73
  • Linux: $13.87

According to the stats at the time of writing this article

- Total raised $559,540
- Number of contributions 67419
- Average contribution $8.30


Wolfire also told me that "after changing the site to display the average price paid for each platform, the overall average price has been on the rise.  It appears the Windows users are attempting to compensate"

Now I’ve heard a rumor that if they raise $1,000,000 ($1M) or more, the source code for the following games will be released:

  • Gish
  • Penumbra Overture
  • Lugaru

At least that’s what it says in this video around 1:15 to 1:17. We’re awaiting confirmation on that.

That text does not currently appear on the site but knowing the guys at Wolfire... it wouldn’t surprise me.

Your contribution supports the amazing Child’s Play charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. By default, the amount is split equally between the seven participants (including Child’s Play and EFF), but you can tweak the split any way you’d like.

I’ll try to confirm the source code rumor, you go buy the package.

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