Fallen Earth Releases Blood Sports Content Patch (v1.4)

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FALLEN EARTH, LLC has officially launched its much anticipated Blood Sports content patch, introducing three new PvP areas—Deathmatch, Survival and Capture the Flag—Clan Wars and the mysterious territory of Deadfall, upping the previous level cap of 46 to a cool 50!

In addition to the major content—which includes over 130 new missions, mutant mounts, settlements, recipes and items—the patch also features several enhancements, including an effects revamp, melee animation improvements and a one-time respec for players. Developers expect the achievement system to be live early next week and the fourth Blood Sports match, Assault, to hit the server in the coming weeks.

The expansive content patch, which is being offered at no additional fee, is now available for existing Fallen Earth subscribers.

Coinciding with the online release of the Blood Sports patch, Fallen Earth, LLC recently announced the availability of a retail copy of Fallen Earth Blood Sports—which includes the Blood Sports patch in addition to original Fallen Earth content—now available at Walmart stores throughout the country.

To celebrate the launch of the Blood Sports patch, Fallen Earth is inviting the community to take part in tonight’s in-game Blood Sports Brawl, set to run from 8-11 p.m. EDT at Embry Crossroads!

To learn more about Fallen Earth Blood Sports or the Blood Sports Brawl, visit www.fallenearth.com.

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