US News&World Report Attempts to Sway Public Opinion on Violent Games

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The U.S. Supreme Court is listening to the arguments for and against that California law to ban the selling of violent video games to  children.

U.S. News & World Report wants to know what America thinks about video game censorship.

The question is "Should Kids NOT Be Sold Violent Video Games?" A poorly worded poll if ever there was one. They are hoping that many will vote Yes and thereby show a groundswell of public opinion for government regulation of video games. Here’s a link to the poll

Personally, I’ve abstained from voting because their poll is deceptive. Video games are a creative medium, just like painting, writing, sculpting and of course film. Since the government considers them all covered under the First Amendment, so to should it consider video games as such.

Parents need to be be aware of what it is their children are playing. Retailers need to educate their employees about the contents of the games. But of course, they sell R-rated films to pre-teens so how is that any different than selling AO games to them?

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