BGRMods Announces Intensafire for PS3

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Coy Christmas, President of BGRMods, LLC—home of the IntensaFIRE rapid-fire device for the Xbox 360 wireless controller—announced the debut date of the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 version of the popular IntensaFIRE gaming product.

According to Christmas, "We saw a need in the gaming market which inspired the creation of the IntensaFIRE for Xbox and we are excited to bring the same level of gaming to PS3 users. Console and accessory personalization is a large part of the gaming world. The problem was that gamers buy kits for their controllers only to find out they were too complex to assemble themselves. So we had our engineering team to create an engineering marvel, and get a product to the gamers that eliminates the technical curve. The PlayStation 3 version of the IntensaFIRE is even easier to install. It just clicks into place. No glue. No solder." The product, which measures 9/16"x 9/16" has a suggested retail price of $69.95. Similar products sell for as much as $199.

The IntensaFIRE modifies PlayStation 3 dual shock 3 wireless controllers, allowing them to transform to a rapid-fire controller. Benefits include: Rapid-fire R1, R2, L1 and the "X" button, along with dual-rapid fire, 8-mode sleeper, works in all PS3 controllers, easy installation, 3-customizable user programmer-mode, does not require a more powerful battery, easy to program for all future games. "This one is so easy to install," says Christmas. "If you can use a screwdriver, you’re over halfway there."

Usable in all PlayStation games, including gamer favorites: Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, BattleField Bad Company 2, and all other current and future First Person Shooters or Fighter games, the IntensaFIRE promises to bring your play to a new level.

The product will be released exclusively at or beginning May 21 and will formally premiere at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles, CA (BOOTH 2647) June 15-17. BGRMods will also be unveiling the NoScope—a self-illuminating screen-applied decal that increases shooter accuracy; the HubCap—a set of Disc hub reinforcement washers that prevent cracking and repair small cracks; and the BGRMods GAM3R$ TOW3L at E3.

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