Nintendo Year-End Financials show $2.45B Net Income

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Nintendo recently reported its year-end financial numbers. For the year ending March 31, 2010, Nintendo reported net sales of 1,434.3 billion yen with overseas sales of 1,206.6 billion yen, roughly 84% of sales. Operating income for the year was 356.5B ¥ and ordinary income was 364.3B ¥ making the net income for the year 228.6B ¥ or roughly $2.45B US.

Not hurting for money are they? They report that sales were somewhat lower than expected and were negatively impacted by the lowered price of the Wii, fewer strong Wii titles in the first half of the year and the appreciation of the Yen. I guess they feel they should have topped $3B US.

Nintendo DS Notes:

  • Nintendo DS Sales - 12.29 Million units Americas, 27.11M worldwide
  • 129.89 million units sold to date, surpasses the Gameboy
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver sold 8.4M
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks only 2.61M
  • Tomodachi Collection in Japan sold 3.2M
  • 114 titles selling over a million copies for DS lifetime

Nintendo Wii Notes:

  • Nintendo Wii sales - 20.53M
  • Total Units sold - 70.93M
  • Best selling Nintendo console ever
  •  Wii Sports Resort sold 16.14M
  • Wii Fit Plus sold 12.65M
  • New Super Mario Bros sold 14.7M
  • 79 titles sell over one million for Wii lifetime

Net sales of the electronics entertainment division was 1,431.5B ¥ and other divisions were a meager 2.7B ¥ which include trading cards, karuta, and other non-electronic Nintendo products.

Sales by Region:

  • Japan - 1,217B ¥ Operating income 294.1B
  • Americas - 643.1B ¥ with oper. income 39.8B¥
  • Europe - 481.3B ¥ and 18B ¥
  • Other areas - 81B ¥ and operating income of 3.7B¥

Among upcoming products are the previously announced Nintendo 3DS (tentative name) Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and teh Wii Vitality Sensor accessory which can measure the player’s biological information.

They are expecting new sales of 1,400B ¥ with operating income of 320B.

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