Jam with your DS Band in Europe This Friday

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Jam with the Band launches for the Nintendo DS family of consoles across Europe this week. Whether you’re more into your pop than your classical or prefer dance to rock, there is something for everyone on this brand new music maker with over 50 pre-installed songs with even more available to download via Nintendo Wi-Fi connection service from launch day onwards!

Jam with the Band will transform your Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi into your very own pocket music studio, allowing you to get creative by programming your own versions of famous songs to share with your friends or jam to a collection of top songs from an ever-growing play list.

Following on from a range of acclaimed music games like Rhythm Paradise and Wii Music, Jam with the Band allows you to display a range of your musical talents from strumming a virtual guitar to singing along to your favourite karaoke number, using the in-built Nintendo DS microphone. The game will even judge your singing talents and analyse your singing style to suggest the best music genre to sing in.

You can also connect your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi to your Wii console and send the sounds from your Nintendo DS to the speakers of your TV sound system. A free Jam with the Band Live channel for Wii can be downloaded, meaning you and up to seven friends can enjoy the whole sound of the band from just one set of speakers!

In addition to all this, those gaming fans out there will be delighted to know that you can also jam along to some of your favourite Nintendo game songs such as Super Mario Kart Medley and The Legend of Zelda Medley.

If you are after a truly unique musical game play experience, then be sure to turn up the volume and Jam with the band as it launches exclusively on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi across Europe this Friday.

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