BigPoint Picks up Radon Labs

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Bigpoint GmbH (, the worldwide leader in browser-based video games, today announced the acquisition of Radon Labs (, an award-winning game development studio that recently filed for bankruptcy due to financial concerns. With this acquisition, Bigpoint gains more than 35 new employees, including Radon Labs Managing Directors Bernd Beyreuther and André Blechschmidt, who will remain with Bigpoint and direct its newly established Berlin office.

Bigpoint CEO and Founder, Heiko Hubertz, views the deal as an important strategic move for the company, "Under Bernd and André’s leadership, Radon Labs became one of Germany’s top three development studios. We’re excited to add their highly qualified workforce to Bigpoint as we continue to push the limits of what’s possible in online gaming. This acquisition is also greater proof that the market continues to consolidate. As such, we plan to purchase additional studios, both in Germany and abroad, to support our long-term growth strategy."

2010 marks an important year for Bigpoint’s global expansion, with new locations now operational in Berlin and San Francisco (Bigpoint Inc.), in addition to Malta (Bigpoint International) and the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. In recent months, Bigpoint’s workforce has increased to over 500 employees worldwide.

Bigpoint’s acquisition of Radon Labs coincides with the opening of a new office in


, a decision that first took root in 2009 with Bigpoint’s acquisition of eLOFD GmbH, a game development studio also based in


capital. The new location officially took the name Bigpoint Berlin GmbH at the end of

May 2010

. Under the Bigpoint brand, former eLOFD employees will continue to develop browser-based video games alongside their new colleagues from Radon Labs.

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