OneBigGame Announces WINtA

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OneBigGame, the non-profit publisher of videogames, today officially announced its second project, WINtA, an innovative music rhythm game that will be released for iPhone and iPod touch this summer. WINtA is the brainchild of renowned Japanese game designer Masaya Matsuura, the man often regarded as the inventor of the music game genre through his seminal PaRappa the Rapper series for PlayStation.

“We couldn’t be happier with WINtA as the second game to come out under our fundraising label,” said Martin de Ronde, director, OneBigGame. “We feel Matsuura-san has come up with a great concept for OneBigGame, and we are convinced that fans of his earlier works as well as fans of music games in general will be pleasantly surprised when they all get a chance to experience WINtA later this year.”

The spirit of the OneBigGame initiative, which is all about game designers working together to raise funds for charity, comes to life in WINtA, which is being developed pro bono by Matsuura-san’s studio NanaOn-Sha and Dutch iPhone and iPad specialists Triangle Studios.

“I am a big believer in creative collaborations and I am really pleased with the result that is WINtA,” stated Masaya Matsuura, president, NanaOn-Sha. “Furthermore, further down the line WINtA will also very much involve music artists, VJs and gamers around the world in this project. I can’t wait to see the creative vision that we have for WINtA finally become a reality later this year.”

“Needless to say, we are proud to work with an industry legend like Matsuura-san,” commented Remco de Rooij, MD,  Triangle Studios. “Working with such a creative mind has been a wonderful and insightful experience and we feel that Matsuura-san’s creative vision for this game combined with our technical expertise has led to not only a great game for the iPhone and iPod touch, but also a unique platform for both music creators and fans of music and music games.”

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