June 8th to see Planets Opened to Capsuleers in EVE

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On June 8th, the official ban on capsuleer (EVE pilots) involvement in planetary affairs will be lifted, allowing them to scan and develop planets, extract resources, and jettison them into space. At that time, EVE Online: Tyrannis’ main expansion feature will take its next evolutionary step. The past week, pilots have been spending time scouting planets for a suitable base of operations, planning their new economic empires and training character skills such as Advanced Planetology and Interplanetary Consolidation in preparation of the command centers being seeded to the market.
Undoubtedly, the first day or so of the land rush will see EVE’s industrialists, manufacturers and pilots interested in making some extra income flocking to the best places on each planet, placing their buildings and firing up the production chains. While there are over 65,000 planets available for settlement (including wormhole space, 0.0 and high-sec) and multiple players can build colonies on each, it is a safe bet that the best planets and popular systems will see some heavy competition. The first pilots to break ground there will have the potential to make the greatest profits, staking their claim like past explorers and frontiersmen here on Earth.

It’s also been said by CCP that the Tyrannis updates helps set the stage for EVE linking into Dust 514, the console-based MMOFPS they are developing in the Shanghai office. Dust 514 will be planet-based battles that will affect the universe in EVE Online. It’s a pretty cool idea and I hope they do well. Knowing CCP, it’ll be excellent.

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