Tales of Pirates II to Offer Buried Treasure

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Tales of Pirates II, IGG’s upcoming 3D MMORPG, is set in a world of dangerous sea battles and exciting adventures at each port of call, but its impressive set of features goes way beyond its explosive combat system. One such feature fans of the franchise are looking forward to is the new Treasure Digging system. After all, there are two things a pirate can’t get enough of: spirits and treasure. It may not be as relaxing as a bottle of rum, but ToP II players will find plenty of reasons to enjoy putting their backs into digging up some pirate booty.

When players reach Level 41, they can approach Treasure Hunter Leya in Argent City and spend 2,000 G to purchase a Killing Token. On it are the last known coordinates of robbers who made off with precious treasures from the city. Players can hunt down these thieves and recover a map to their hidden loot. These bounty quests can be done several times a day. By catching more of these notorious n’er-do-wells, players will improve their chances of uncovering the whereabouts of the rarest treasures.

Getting a map is just the beginning. Using the coordinates on the map, players will embark on an epic journey across the waves and the continents in search of these hidden riches. What might be concealed under the layers of sand and dust? Players will have to dig to find out. There are amazing rewards waiting for those who make the effort, including gold, experience, high-level equipment and items from the item mall, but could there be more?

Of course, robbers being a mischievous bunch, there are many fake maps floating around. If they are lucky, however, players may chance upon a portal to the mystical Fortune

Room. The place is protected by ferocious guardians, and only a true champion can defeat them and make the great riches of the secret room their own. Legends say that one of the Fortune Rooms contains a magnificent sword forged in the depths of the ocean that will grant its wielder incredible power. If it’s true, who will bring this sword out into the light once more?

Treasure Digging is but one of many interesting features players will find in ToP II. Join the game’s Closed Beta now and discover why being a pirate has never been so much fun!

Visit the official site at http://top2.igg.com for more information about the game or to claim a CB key and get in on the action. Visit http://www.igg.com to learn about IGG’s growing family of games.

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