Zombie Sniper HD Aims at XBLA Indie Games

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NotPlanA subsidiary Gift is pleased to announce Zombie Sniper HD (ZSHD), a new arcade style shooter in which the player snipes zombies in the head in two distinctly different modes, Arcade Mode & Story Mode. The game gets progressively more difficult and rewards the player with a grade at the end of each level. The game is full of gorgeous environments for the player to decimate with zombie carnage.

In Story Mode it is the player’s mission is to protect civilians in the current stage! They will need to rescue 3 civilians in the stage to progress. Also, if someone accidentally shoots a civilian in the head it’s GAME OVER HD – you only get 3 continues so snipe carefully!

In Arcade Mode it’s an all-out killing fest, sniping as many zombies in the head as quickly and accurately as possible. If the objective is met the player advances to the next stage. As the player advances further the difficulty will increase – game speed will increase along with the number of zombies that must be killed in each stage.

In each mode the player can earn bonus points by chaining kills together for multi-kills, nitro-combos, and killing-sprees. The audio sound effects will alert the player when they’ve successfully earned these achievements. A letter grade will be awarded at the end of all levels and at the end of the game - only the best will obtain the coveted grade of “Sharp Shooter.” The game also includes a bonus mode, Challenge Mode, for those who purchase the game.

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