Yakuza 4 Heading West in 2011

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Yakuza 3, I had hoped, would be the end of that line. But alas, SEGA has announced the Yakuza 4 will head west next year. Well, I guess it couldn’t be as disappointing graphically as Yakuza 3 was...I hope it won’t be anyway.

SEGA announced that they will indeed be releasing Yakuza 4 in Spring 2011 on the franchise’s traditional home, the PlayStation 3.

Yakuza 4 - Shun Akiyama

4 is a very powerful number in this particular installment as not only will you experience the gritty atmosphere of Kiryu Kazuma’s experiences, three other characters will also be available to play. Each of them with their own engaging backstory and a gripping interwoven plot.

Yakuza 4 -  Kazuma Kiryu

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