Project Natal Renamed Kinect

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Microsoft has unveiled Project Natal as Kinect, playing on the words kinetics and connect hoping that it will inspire familes and friends to connect through controllerless gameplay. They’ve also released a video of what you will look like while playing. Be sure to watch til the end when they show some motion controlled video playback features. You’ll need Silverlight to watch the video (hey, it’s Microsoft)

They’re certain to release more details about pricing and what the unit will look like. Well, not entirely true, here’s an image (far smaller than I had thought it might be).

Kinect can perform full-motion tracking of the human body at 30 frames per second. It isn’t affected by what a user is wearing or what type of furniture is around. And it recognizes voices and faces.

I wonder if the big announcement we’re expecting will be the price.

I’m guessing it’ll be upwards of $100 but not quite $199. I can also see Kinect Xbox packaging showing up for Christmas this year.

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