The Big List of Nintendo 3DS Titles Announced

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Nintendo’s new DS with full 3D stereoscopic visuals is on its way and so are a massive pile of games for it. Some are remakes of older titles, some are brand new. Here’s the E3 2010 Nintendo 3DS list of games announced by publisher:

Nintendo Launch Titles

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising, the long-awaited franchise follow-up to the NES classic.
  • Mario Kart, which shows off the potential of driving and tossing bananas in 3D.
  • nintendogs + cats, a new version of the best-selling nintendogs franchise that lets players interact even more with their virtual puppies - and kittens
  • PilotWings Resort, a flying simulation that lets players soar above Wuhu Island.
  • Animal Crossing, a new installment of the charming community-building franchise.
  • StarFox 64 3D, a game that demonstrates the true distance and depth of outer space using Nintendo’s well-known franchise.
  • Steel Diver, a new submarine-navigation game from Nintendo.
  • Paper Mario, which brings paper-based 2D environments to life.

Nintendo as Publisher

  • Hollywood 61


  • DJ Hero 3D from Activision (launch Title)


  • RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS from Capcom (launch Title)
  • SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV 3D Edition (launch Title)


  • The Sims 3 from Electronic Arts (launch Title)
  • Madden NFL
  • FIFA Soccer

Tecmo Koei

  • DEAD OR ALIVE 3D (name not final)  (launch Title)
  • SAMURAI WARRIORS 3D (launch Title)
  • NINJA GAIDEN (name not final)


  • Winning Eleven series (launch Title)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (launch Title)
  • Contra (launch Title)
  • Frogger (launch Title)
  • Baseball (working title) (launch Title)

Square Enix

  • KINGDOM HEARTS game (launch Title)
  • CODENAME: Chocobo Racing 3D

Hudson Entertainment


  • Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike (launch Title)
  • Hollywood 61 (name not final)  (launch Title)
  • Driver Renegade: The first and exclusive action driving game on Nintendo 3DS that lets you experience the intensity of urban car chases. As former cop John Tanner, you work outside the law to fight crime in the gritty streets of New York and defeat the 5 crime lords who own the city.
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Sam Fisher, the renowned secret agent is back in this redesigned version of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Experience one of the most acclaimed games in the Splinter Cell franchise for the first time in 3D.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Lead the Ghosts, the most elite special forces unit in the US Army, across multiple tactical missions to prevent a war from breaking out.
  • Assassin’s Creed Lost Legacy: Driven by curiosity and a desire to understand the origins of his Order, Ezio Auditore travels East in search of the lost castle at Masyaf, the ancient seat of the Assassins.


  • Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles (name not final)  (launch Title)

Namco Bandai


  • RIDGE RACER (working title) The unstoppable hit series is back with all its trademark exhilaration and brand new stereogram features.
  • PAC-MAN & GALAGA (working title)Two timeless gaming icons return, totally reworked for the 3DS and including all the classic game modes.
  • Gundam  Franchise (working title) All new title in the Gundam series with new gameplay systems designed for the stereogram technology.
  • Dragon Ball Franchise (working title) Dragon Ball kicks into 3D with all new features and gameplay designed for the 3DS hardware.
  • Super Robot Franchise (working title) Brand new title in the series with new game systems and gameplay designed to exploit the stereogram technology.


Take-Two Interactive

  • Carnival Games 3DS


  • Saint’s Row: Drive By

Warner Bros

  • a Batman game

Additional games are in development by Atlus, AQ Interactive, Disney Interactive Studios, Harmonix, Hudson Soft, Majesco, Marvelous Entertainment, Rocket, SEGA, Takara Tommy and Take-Two Interactive.

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