Split Fish Caters to Lefties and Righties Alike

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I might have found their product less than satisfying when I reviewed it, but perhaps, it was because I’m left-handed and it was only right-handed at the time. Well now it seems they’ve addressed that.

SplitFish AG (SplitFish), the world’s premiere designer of PlayStation 3 first-person-shooter (FPS) console controllers, today announced that they have customized their new PS3 Evolution Motion Controller so that lefties would no longer take abuse at the (right) hands of their right-handed friends.

Right AND Left handed games can have superior control when playing FIFA 10, EVOLUTION SOCCER and FAV’s like Tekken, and more, with left/right customizations on the NEW EVOLUTION CONTROLLER FOR PS3

The EVOLUTION is a unique split controller. Freedom to grip each Chuck in a natural way – holding or moving both hands freely! The cutting edge customizable, split controller offers a 4.0 firmware that allows for much easier left handed operation for Sports gamers who historically were stuck with the only option being an awkward standard controller configuration.

The Dual SFX EVOLUTION provides a superior new level of intuitive experience for console and PC gamers of any skill level. The fully featured controller gives all the best analog stick control can offer PLUS it offers up assignable dual independent wireless motion for six-axis or analog stick emulation as well as “wrist flick“ button triggering.

Key Features
- Left OR Right handed configurable
- Free and natural grip in both hands
- Full six-axis motion control in both grips
- Motion-analog stick emulation in EvoChuck
- Analog stick swap ability
- Programmable motion triggers
- Adjustable motion sensitivity

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