Romance Three Kingdoms with Your iPad

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TECMO KOEI Games has revealed the new historic strategy game, "ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS (RTK) TOUCH Plus for iPad". This is the first application for iPad from TECMO KOEI GAMES and has been released in Japan, North America and Europe. 
"RTK TOUCH Plus for iPad" is set in 2nd -3rd Century Imperial China, where The Three Kingdoms of Wu, Wei, and Shu are fighting for supremacy. Players will have to choose one of the famous warlords and unite all of China in this historical simulation title.
An evolution of RTK TOUCH which was released in 2009 exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch, "RTK TOUCH Plus for iPad" hosts a completely redesigned and revamped interface sublimely matched to the high resolution of the iPad. Players can now see the screen so much more clearly and plan their immaculate strategies more intuitively. In addition, there are heaps of newly added features such as the hypothetical scenarios and many other edit functions as well as hints and tips to get newcomers conquering in no time.

Game Features
・Intuitive, easy to see controls
The user interface and graphics have been revamped to take most advantage of iPad performance.
With the high-res graphics matched to the iPad’s big screen and a much more user-friendly interface you can now plan out your strategies much more comfortably and stress-free.
・The mighty heroes of old, reborn
Build your forces from among a grand total of 255 characters, each with unique abilities. As sovereign, recruit worthy officers from across the land and take to the battlefield to vanquish your enemies!
・Create your own force and reign supreme
Create your own original officer and army, and recruit famous officers across the land to lead them in your path of supremacy.  Delve into a vast editing system and enjoy freely editing your officers and your statistics as you step forth on your quest to unite the land.
・Strategy that’s fun for everyone
With a helpful tutorial and extensive glossary and hint features included, even newcomers will be conquering in no time. As a sovereign your duties cover everything from domestic and foreign matters to military defense and expansion, but heed the advice of your faithful strategist and the land will be yours for the taking. With the auto-save feature you do not need to worry about anything impeding your most heated desire for unification.
・New scenarios that let you see a different side to the history
With 3 newly added scenarios players who experienced RTK Touch will also be able to get a fresh new look on things as they try to take a different course throughout history.

Product Information

  • Genre: Historical Simulation
  • Release Date: June 9th, 2010
  • Price: US/$15.99, UK/£9.49, EU/€12.99
  • Players: 1
  • Platform: iPad
In : PC

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