Lunar Duel Touches Down in Playstation Home Game Moonbase

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Following on from the successful launch of its Moonbase in PlayStation Home in March, GAME, the UK’s leading specialist videogames retailer, are excited to announce that a second mini-game, Lunar Duel, is now available to play.

With the ultimate aim being to battle one-on-one against your opponent until their force field has been reduced to zero, Lunar Duel is a tense game where planning your attacks and using your skill and judgement to inflict maximum damage to your adversary is the key to victory. Choose your weapon wisely prior to your attack however, as you only have one shot before your opponent can return fire, so make it count!

With a state-of-the-art arsenal at your disposal including repeat fire Satellite Grenades, EMP Bombs, and the devastating Star Strike, Lunar Duel is not only an explosive experience in its own right, but also offers tangible rewards for the victorious combatant!


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