WonderKing Learns English

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Starting now, players anywhere in Europe can download the English WonderKing client software at www.wonderking.co.uk . Moreover, localised versions of the website are available for Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Besides lots of bonus materials, it contains thorough "first steps" instructions in each language in order to facilitate quick immersion into the game. From now on, WonderKing players in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, who have been using the successful German version for several months, can meet their European neighbours on the same server and join them in an epic battle against the forces of evil. French, Spanish and Italian versions of the gripping MMO will soon be available as well.

Welcome to WonderKing - welcome to the party!

Of course, the introduction of English-speaking players to the world of WonderKing will be celebrated in style with a very special event. On and between May 3 and 7, between 6 and 10 PM, all players will receive 50% more experience points, allowing their characters, as well as those of the newcomers, to level up even faster.

The English client software is now available in the target countries at:

l www.wonderking.co.uk
l www.wonderking.be
l www.wonderking.nl
l www.wonderking.no
l www.wonderking.se

WonderKing – the story

Valron, the lord of the underworld, is filled with hatred of God. He secedes from Heaven and turns against God and all His creatures. By means of revenge, he strives to enslave humanity, God’s most prized creation. His invasion starts in Esior. Here, Valron’s demons wreak havoc and spread their terror in the world. Humankind, suffering from infinite pain and anguish, desperately hopes for help and dreams of a hero who can stand up to the powers of darkness.

One day, the seer Jexius appears, bearing a prophecy for all humans:
"The holy King shall rise from a desert island and wash away the blood of corruption and the darkness that has befallen all of humanity.“ Everyone believes in the promised WonderKing and waits for this king to destroy Valron’s hordes once and for all.

Features & key facts

  • Anime style characters and game design
  • Play for free – no purchase, no subscription fees
  • Sophisticated, action-laden gameplay
  • 4 playable character classes
  • Innumerable quests
  • Hundreds of items, weapons, armour, and mounts
In : PC

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