OutSpark Announces Divine Souls, Closed Beta, 7 July

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Outspark announced today that the fast-paced Massively Multiplayer Online game Divine Souls will be coming to Outspark.com. Divine Souls, Outspark’s newest free-to-play 3D Fighting-Action MMORPG, features unique characters classes, cool weapons, attacks and non-stop, console-style action. Divine Souls will be entering closed Beta on July 7th, with the game going live later this summer. Players interested in taking part in the Beta can register on the official website, http://divine.outspark.com.

In Divine Souls, players can use an impressive array of combos, skills and weapons in battle, whether they partner up with friends for PvE or take on their enemies in high-octane PvP arena combat.  The game features deep, console-style action and fighting, allowing players to choose from three classes, each with a deadly array of combos and active skills. Fighters rely upon fists and grappling prowess, beating enemies into submission, Slashers attack with graceful and deadly weapons that can fling monsters into the air for deadly aerial combos and Mages unleash mystical energies on those foolish enough to confront them.  Players will find themselves mastering new multiple combos and skills in furious combat, pummeling groups of enemies at once while dodging deadly traps while using the environment to their advantage.

The action in Divine Souls takes place across multiple cooperative zones with more than 100 unique monsters and huge bosses waiting to be struck down.  Players will be able to form teams of up to four players in standard dungeons, or combine forces for even larger encounters in eight-player dungeons.  Gamers will also be able to fight each other in arenas, which support 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 matches as well as larger guild-versus-guild combat. Divine Souls is being developed by Game Prix, a group of talented designers who have worked on hugely popular online games including Lineage II and S.U.N.

For more information about Outspark and its suite of digitally published online games, please visit http://www.outspark.com

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