Martial Empires MMORPG Set to Begin Open Beta

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Closed beta testing of Martial Empires has ended successfully. Players will no longer need a key to test the action MMORPG: today the gates of Neha stand open to everyone.

The new version of the game is jam-packed with new content. The map has grown considerably, with a number of new regions to explore. The map is also much more informative, thanks to new display options. PvP combat has been fine-tuned a bit, characters can now be customized even more and the graphics were also improved.

Many thanks go out to gamigo’s loyal closed beta testers, whose support during closed beta testing helped Martial Empires reach the high quality it has now as it goes into open beta testing.

You can view and download images of the new regions HERE. More information about the game can be found on its official website. The only requirement for participation in open beta testing is an English gamigo account.

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