City of Heroes Mutant Booster Now Available

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City of Heroes Super Booster V: Mutant allows you to harness the powers of mutation to access fantastic new costume sets, bizarre emotes, and the exclusive Secondary Mutation power. This booster pack serial code enables the booster pack features for all characters on the game account from level 1. However, costume change emotes** listed below require unlocking at least one additional costume slot.

Mutant Theme Costume Sets:

The Mutant theme costume sets unlock all-new faces, chest, sleeves, shoulder, gloves, tails, wings, pants, boots and a new sword customization. These new sets will allow you to create the unearthly or freakish character you’ve always wanted.

  • Organic Armor
  • Bioluminescence

Both of these costume sets include tintable costume pieces, a new feature that allows you to create unique glows for individual costume pieces.

Secondary Mutation Power:

Tap into the incredible potential locked with your DNA. Secondary Mutation allows your character to mutate itself for amazing, unexpected results. Charge into battle with new abilities. Be careful, they may help your foes more than you. Secondary Mutation is available every 20 minutes and is not affected by recharge buffs. Its effects include:

  • Acute Senses
  • Tough Hide
  • Pain Tolerance
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Heightened Speed

Character Emotes:

Costume Change Emotes:

Activate the following mutant-themed costume change emotes using the costume change interface, selectable from the main Menu.

Available now for $9.99

In : PC

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