Xbox Indie Title – Crossfire from RadianGames

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Radiangames announced that its second game, Radiangames Crossfire, is now available for download through Xbox Live Indie Games on the Xbox 360 for 240 MSP ($3).

Radiangames Crossfire is an innovative and visually stunning shooter for one or two players. The game’s innovation comes in the form of a warp ability that allows the player to switch to the top or bottom of the screen at any time. This addition flips the classic fixed-screen shooter genre on its head and opens up new layers of intensity and strategy.

In addition to being available directly through the Games Marketplace on Xbox 360 consoles, the game can be queued for downlaod at the Xbox 360 Marketplace site:

To celebrate the release of Crossfire, Radiangames is making the soundtrack for both Crossfire and JoyJoy available as a free download for a limited time:

The next game in the series, Radiangames Blaze, will be released on Xbox Live Indie Games in August or September.

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