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MMO devotees are presented with new games each month, all with their own unique styles and features that capture the wackiest of imaginations around the world. However, there still remains the underlying issue of transferring that hard-earned knowledge from previous games, onto new ones.

In its simplest form, gamers have persevered for years to figure out the best buttons to assign, which methods to incorporate, the most suited in-game tactics and, ultimately, the best man for the job.

Needless to say, transferable skills in MMOs are fast becoming a strong occurrence in the ever growing sea of titles being unleashed onto the market. However, the fundamentals of MMOs still apply, and ‘pillars’ remain a blueprint to any gaming aficionado.

So who IS the best man for the job? Is it the Tank? The Healer? Or the Damage Dealer?

Admittedly, there’s no right or wrong answer to this and so the question should perhaps be changed to “what’s your preferred pillar in-game?” In which case, the developers over at, one of China’s leading MMO publishers, have been kind enough to enlighten the situation for current and forthcoming players of their leading martial arts based MMO title, TLBB.

Widely recognised as ‘the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life’, the game incorporates a wide range of classes that can be chosen after reaching Level 10 and, with many fully fledged players turning to this leading martial arts phenomenon, (EU) has provided a chart to guide you through the class ‘pillars’. (EU) has also kindly provided information for players regarding which classes have adopted which ‘buffs’ - be it defensive, offensive, or both!

Please see guide below:




Assassin – defensive buffs

- Demon Skin: Increase Ice defence

- Mass Invisibility: Make all team members (within range) invisible


Beggars Alliance – offensive buffs

- Profound Friendship: Increase Agility

- Mass Dodge: Increase Reflex


Lotus Order – defence buff

- Cleric’s willpower: Increase Willpower


Minstrel – defence/ offence buff

- Fire Storm: Increase Fire defence

- Shield of Clouds: Increase Crit chance


Pyromancer – offence buffs

- Supreme Strength: Increase Strength

- Light of Faith: Increase Physical attack of team members within range

Royalty – defence/ offence buff

- Guardian’s Ward: Increase Lightning defence

- Field Promotion: Increase Hit rate of team members


Shaolin – defensive buffs

- Blessing Buddha: Increase Stamina

- Spirit Shield: Increase Physical defence of all team members within range


Taoist – stat buff

- Magical Spirit: Increase Intellect


Voodoo – defensive buffs

- Great Fortitude: Increase Poison resistance

- Mark of the Wild: Increase Spirit defence of team members, requires more than 1 Voodoo in the team


For a more in-depth look of the defensive and offensive skills each class possesses,  visit the TLBB forum here


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