NIS America Announces Three Titles, Will Reduce Yearly Output to Improve Quality

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At the recent NIS America press event, Souhei Niikawa, producer at  Nippon Ichi Software stated that Nippon Ichi Software will limit the number of titles released in a year.

The reasoning is to improve the game quality, and also to increase the customer  satisfaction.

They announced three titles that are being developed with this in mind

The first  title is  Z.H.P. Their latest dungeon RPG that has been created by the same staff members of  Disgaea 3. The project began soon after the release of Disgaea 3 and for 2  years it has been under intense development to formulate the game  system.

For more info on the game see its entry in the GDN games database: Z.H.P.

Z.H.P. is an all new IP developed by the same team that brought the Disgaea series. The game retains the same hardcore SRPG aspects of Disgaea, but with a deeper customization feature for the character and even more randomly generated contents in battles.

The 2nd title  is Cladun. This is a hack & slash type action  RPG. This title  also has some of the same staff members as Disgaea and it is highly  addictive.

For more info on the game see its entry in the GDN games database: Cladun: This is an RPG

Cladunis a retro style dungeon crawler game. Players can create their own main character from scratch using a graphics editor and the dungeons that you will be adventuring in are randomly created for infinite replay value. You can even explore the dungeons with your friends, using the ad-hoc feature of the PSP.

The third game is  Ar Tonelico Qoga a Playstation 3 RPG in the Ar Tonelico series. 

Ar tonelico Qogais the final installment in the Ar tonelico series. The story takes place in Sol Cluster, a kingdom ruled by an organization called Clustaniaand their ultimate goal is to enslave humans and rule the world. However, the two key Reyvateils(humanoids) they need to accomplish their goal meet Aotoand fight back against injustice.

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