Making History II Demo Puts You in Charge

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Grand strategy fans and World War II history buffs worldwide can now try out Muzzy Lane’s Making History II: The War of the World (MHII) in a full-featured demo that allows for 50 turns of exciting grand strategy gameplay.

The demo includes the Last Days of Peace (1939) scenario -- referring to the days before Hitler invaded Poland and declared war.

If you like the demo you can upgrade to the full version and it’s the same file, all you have to do is input your product key.

Game description

MHII gives WWII grand strategy gamers the opportunity to lead a nation and remake history. MHII reflects the reality that economics win wars as much as combat, so players can customize the development of specific cities, regions and units to support their objectives. Along the way they will face rival political factions both domestic and international, diplomatic choices that affect their nation’s status and reputation, and a reactive artificial intelligence that alters its strategy based on player actions.

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