SAGA Online: Gods, Alliances and Factions

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Before the saga began, the Elder Gods reigned in the heavens. One of these deities, Goth-Azul, rebelled against the existing order; whereupon the others created the celestial body, Gaia, and imprisoned Goth-Azul deep within its core. But prior to this, he was able to give away the secret of the power of the Elder Gods to the Lesser God, Xethos Nom. Together with four other Lesser Gods, Xethos used this knowledge to destroy the Elder Gods and to claim the heavens for themselves.  The new Gods fought fiercely with each other for supremacy in the heavens. After great devastation, an agreement was reached: each God would create a race. These beings – including Goth-Azul’s Undead, who want to free him from the Underworld – would battle on the surface of Gaia, and the deity whose race was victorious, would rule in the heavens.

And so it came to pass that the world of SAGA Online was divided between two competing Alliances – between the Order and the Brotherhood. Within this world, six unique powers now battle for supremacy. These powers, or factions, have their own particular races, skills and buildings. The Order includes the factions Light, Nature and Machine. As a counterbalance, War, Magic and the Undead form the dark pact of allegiance known as the Brotherhood.

The defenders of justice and order operate in the Light faction, a confederation of the primary races Humans and Giants, belonging to the Order. They seek to unify all factions under their righteous rule – with militaristic means, if necessary. Noble, powerful and unrelenting – the forces of Light are truly magnificent to behold. They are a balanced and formidable power that can use heavily armed soldiers as well as powerful magic to crush and to subdue their enemies. They worship Ari-Alia, Goddess of Light and justice, sister of Xethos Nom, who exercises mercy with her followers and justice with her opponents. She created the wise, long-living Giants, whose sworn goal is to establish civilisation and order in the world.

In the Nature power of the Order, the Elves, the oldest of the races, long ago learned to live in harmony with Gaia, Goddess of Nature, who bears the name of the world itself. She created the Elves with a seed from Nature and the soil, upon which her people would walk, live and die. Through their allegiance and worship of their Goddess, the Elves have learned to master her powerful forces of Nature. As warriors, they have formidable skills at their command and some of the oldest beings of Gaia are counted among their allies. Gaia’s eternal enemies are Rathos, God of War, and Tek, God of Machine. Both weaken the land in their endless quest for resources for their rule. In the Second Age, Gaia has agreed to an uneasy truce with Tek in the Order.

The primary race of Machine, the third faction of the Order, is the Dwarves. Tek, God of Machine and technical innovation, constructed them so that they would develop a great device for him. The Dwarves are exceedingly skilful, efficient and have no regard for the land, which has often brought them into conflict with Gaia and the Elves. Deep in their mountain hideaways, they have created terrible machines of war and destruction. For all their craft however, they have lost the art of magic and must rely entirely on their ingenuity and on their cunning.

More information on the factions of the Order is currently available on the official website, There you can also register for the open beta. Details regarding the powers of the Brotherhood will follow shortly.

The SAGA Online World is a traditional fantasy setting with characters like elves, orcs, dragons, dwarves and giants. In the free massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, players create their own kingdom, battle or negotiate with each other and can cooperatively complete quests with friends in order to earn experience and loot. The free to play MMORTS SAGA Online offers, among other things, over 1000 quests as well as six fractions, each with its own unique units and individual playing style. SAGA Online features many of the success factors of massively multiplayer online games: thus there are guilds, raids, a live auction house for exchanging cards, equipment upgrades, collaborative team quests, looting of treasures and so on. This combines the game with real-time strategy features, like city planning, resource management and warfare. At the same time, SAGA Online, unlike many other real-time strategy games, is set in a persistent world that never rests – not even when the player logs off.

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