Moonbase Alpha Gets an Update

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Moonbase Alpha has received an update and so the more than 100,000 players of the game can get their fix a bit better:

Issues addressed in Patch

  • FIXED - Astronauts can "attach" next to the rover or command center when high latency is present.
  • FIXED - Rover is sometimes invisible when remotely controlled when high latency is present.
  • FIXED - Erratic behavior of rover when attached to hose.
  • Multiple optimizations to program code for singleplayer and multiplayer gameplay.
  • Modified information in log reports.

Also, NASA Games launched a contest for Moonbase Alpha! Players who create the best Moonbase Alpha focused videos and images will have the chance to win NASA logo lapel metal pins. NASA logo stickers and a beta slot in our next game!



If you’re curious about Moonbase Alpha or NASA Games in general check out some of these links.

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