Blade Wars Gets Token Shop

No Comment 24 Views (US) Inc., today announced that they will be celebrating the grand opening of the Blade Wars "Token Shop" on Aug 6th.  The token shop aims to offer Blade Wars players a variety of items to trick out their characters and boost their game play.

Blade Wars is an innovative free-to-play (F2P) MMORPG set in ancient China. Players can expect to dive into fierce battles and plunge through a myriad of unique, story-driven quests set in the Kung Fu world. Play as one of the five classes - Warrior, Knight, Assassin, Shura, or Warlock and explore a visually stunning world of beauty with otherworldly inhabitants, mysterious enemies, and ancient secrets. Blade Wars allow players to strategize with more than 398,000 kung fu moves and 99 customizable combat styles.

Players can look forward to new and exciting items like the Solar Jade, Holy Dragon, and a super cool Tiger mount. The Token Shop is focused to provide players with unique fun accessories, consumable, and rare mounts.

Token Shop:

  • Solar Jade - A magic stone that gives you double Exp for 1 hour
  • Holy Dragon - Summons a dragon that grants an extra 255 carrying capacity
  • Tiger - A mount usable by all classes. Increases movement speed by 80%

To see more items in the Token Shop, visit: Blade Wars Token Shop

To learn more about Blade Wars, visit or visit us on Facebook:

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