Bots, Spammers Doomed in Martial Empires

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It’s time for bots and chat spammers to say farewell, gamigo has declared. A slew of anti-bot measures will be implemented into its popular new MMORPG Martial Empires to ensure undisturbed gameplay.

A special highlight of this new security package is a new kind of opponent: the Suricat Police. This new kind of vigilante patrols different areas in the game and warns players against attacking them. Players that heed their warning have nothing to worry about. A bot that ignores their warning, though, will be turned into a ghost and unable to play.


As an added measure of security, players will be prompted at set intervals to type in a code. Entering the right code will be rewarded with a buff. To protect against spammers, the global chat channels will only be open to characters who have reached level 15 and troublemakers can be ignored permanently.

Go get ’em Gamigo!

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