Fallen Earth Gets Graphic Enhancements with Patch v1.6

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Developers at Fallen Earth, LLC continue work on the popular self-titled massively multiplayer online game (MMO) as they today released content patch v1.6, enabling players to color customize vehicles, flag themselves for world PvP and apply minor respecs when necessary. The patch also includes new graphics enhancements, specifically to arbor.

"As we continue to implement more customization options, players are able to gain a sense of individuality and truly make the wasteland their home," said Dave Haydysch, producer of Fallen Earth. "Players can look forward to other customizations, including armor and possibly weapons, in the next few patches as we continue to build out the customization tools."

Vehicle color customization is phase one of a much larger system that will enable players to customize things like gear, armor and clothing. Players have the option to craft four levels of “basic” Paint And Dye Kits, and for those hardcore explorers, eight “rare” Paint And Dye Kits, offering an alternative selection of colors, can be found throughout the wasteland.

Additionally, players can now flag themselves for world PvP, providing the ability to find fellow rivals and access PvP gameplay anywhere in world.

“The new PvP flagging feature is a major addition to the game as players are no longer limited to conflict towns or PvP zones,” said Haydysch. “Players can locate rivals quickly and fight it out anywhere in world. Those who prefer not to PvP can keep PvP flagging off and avoid the blood bath.”

The patch also introduces a minor respec, allowing players to un-spend up to five AP at a time. The Minor Respec Injector can be purchased from merchants throughout the world and, similar to repair kits, are level-based.

Among several upcoming graphical enhancements, trees throughout the world have also been revamped to give a much more realistic, detailed look with improved lighting and a more defined shape.

The patch also includes a slew of other enhancements, such as increased speed on roadways, a town overhaul, adjusted level curve and additional universal fixes.

Players curious about the updates are encouraged to jump in game as Fallen Earth continues to offer 14 days of free play time to any account holder who doesn’t currently hold a subscription. Players may reactivate their account here, but must do so before August 4 to take advantage of the promotion!

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