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Who hasn’t played a game they really loved and wished they see their own unique ideas added to the game?  Better yet, what if you could design a major component of the game, like an entire character class?  Now is your chance!


Indie developer D20Studios is initiating a community rally to gain voting support for their uniquely addictive turn based strategy game, Hero Mages, in the 2010 indiePub Development Challenge.  The premise is simple – support Hero Mages by voting for the game daily on the indiePub website August 1st-31st, and, if Hero Mages wins the Community Favorite Award, D20Studios will use their winnings to fund the art and development of new characters- one of which will be picked from the community’s designs!


Hero Mages currently contains 4 Mages (primary heroes) and 9 Guardians (support heroes).  That being said, the opportunity to create an entirely new character class equates to a major impact on the game play experience.  This is an opportunity to support a dedicated indie developer and see your creative vision implemented in a quickly growing online game!


In addition, whether Hero Mages wins the indiePub Community Favorite award or not, all participants that support Hero Mages by voting and commenting on indiePub’s Hero Mages page will receive a redeemable code good for unlocking the exclusive Minotaur character!


So, to all the tactical/fantasy/RPG fans out there, show your support for Hero Mages by voting for us as your community favorite on indiePub, unlock the exclusive Minotaur, submit your ideas, and you just might see your character added to the game!


For Full Details on the Character Design Contest, visit:

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