Gish Update – v1.6

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Gish version 1.6 includes a massive amount of new content, which includes over 40 community levels spanning 5 new campaigns and 5 new versus levels.  Gish is now being sold through a pay-what-you-want system in which the customer can choose the price.  The new version has no DRM (no registration) and by buying once customers can download the Windows, OSX and Linux versions.  This is very similar to the Humble Indie Bundle so anyone who missed out on the Humble Indie Bundle can get full access to Gish at the price of their choosing. 

The full list of v1.6 changes includes:

-You can now choose the price of Gish when you purchase it
-All registration and DRM has been removed (no more hassling with registration)
-Added community campaigns totaling over 40 new levels
-Added 5 new community vs. levels
-Changed file saving locations in Windows and OSX to be in user folders
-Added 64-bit Linux support

If you aren’t familiar with Gish it is certainly a game to check out, it has won numerous awards from various game critics including Game Tunnel’s game of the year, IGF 2005 Grand Prize, and Editor’s Choice in Game Chronicle Magazine. You play as Gish, a ball of tar who must venture through the subterranean sewers of Dross in order to rescue your lady friend Brea from a mysterious figure. The game play is entirely physics based with Gish being able to assume different body types to get past obstacles and bad guys.  Gish can become sticky, heavy, slick or expand at will with each granting him different advantages and disadvantages.

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