Bad Company 2 Epsilon Esports invitational Cup Contenders to Decide Champion This Sunday

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The Battle of the Big Eight aka the Epsilon Esports invitational Cup which rounded up the 8 best teams in the BFBC2 world is now in the final Stage. The tournament has been running for the last three weeks with some really memorable battles for the players involved.

Two teams are ready to battle it out in the finals and they are rivaL from USA and Epsilon Esports which has members from different European countries. 

Congrats to both teams for making it to the finals and let’s wish them the best of luck. If you click on the Epsilon Esports link it takes you directly to their site where you can view the results from the tournament.

 There are also prizes invluded for these guys, which are $1000 for 1st Place, $600 for 2nd Place and $400 for 3rd Place. 

The finals will be played this Sunday on Arica Harbor and Panama Canal.

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