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Spil Games has announced the immediate availability of Flakboy 2, the sequel to the award-winning Flakboy game.

The original Flakboy has been played over 20 million times since its launch in April 2009, making it one of Spil Games’ most popular titles. Its mix of comic combat and increasingly imaginative ways in which the eponymous hero can be destroyed has won the game millions of fans the world over.

Spil Games is the world’s largest online casual gaming company. Attracting 130 million unique visitors every month to its worldwide network spanning 17 languages, the firm offers thousands of quality free games targeting pre-teen girls, teens and families.

Flame throwers and supersonic lasers are part of the game player’s new arsenal of weapons.  For those who want an endless assault of damage, the game features a new sandbox mode where players get an unlimited amount of coins to buy and use as many weapons as they wish. But, it’s not just about easy destruction.  New challenges in the game will require players to think up creative strategies as they try to keep Flakboy on specific targets or maneuver him through a series of check points.

"Flakboy won the best Dutch game award so we knew a new version had to bring the game to a whole new level," said Peter Driessen, CEO of Spil Games.  "We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard when it comes to understanding what players want.  We think fans are going to have a lot of fun with this new Flakboy."

Play Flakboy 2 for free at www.flakboy2.com

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