Gamevil Rakes in More Dough in Q2

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GAMEVIL(R) (KOSDAQ: 063080) achieved net profit percentage of 50.6% during the second quarter of 2010 continuing its high profit margin quarter after quarter. Sales, operating income and net income were 6.72 billion KRW, 3.54 billion KRW, 

3.40 billion KRW, with a year on year increase of 25.2%, 11.3%, 29.3% accordingly, making it the best second quarter in corporate history. 

In billion KRW Sales Operating Income Net Income
2009 2Q 5.37 3.18 2.63
2010 2Q 6.72 3.54 3.40
Variation 25.2% 11.3% 29.3%

1st half net profit percentage was 52%, with sales, operating income and net income of 13.02 billion KRW, 7.08 billion KRW, and 6.77 billion KRW which was a year on year increase of 36.9%, 41.4%, 56.5% accordingly. 

In billion KRW Sales Operating Income Net Income
2009 1H 9.51 5.01 4.33
2010 2H 13.02 7.08 6.77
Variation 36.9% 41.4% 56.5%

2nd quarter sales were led by successful franchises like NOM 4, HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia and new game franchises like Illusia in Korea, and by releases of ZENONIA 2 and Soccer Superstars on App Store and Baseball Superstars 2010 on Android Market globally. GAMEVIL’s consolidated overseas revenue increased 52% compared to the second quarter of 2009, and 100% compared the first quarter of 2010. 

GAMEVIL continues to maintain high profit margin due to its successful franchises, virtual goods sales and expansion to multi-platforms. 

"We’re extremely happy with our continuous growth with high margins." said Yong Kuk Lee, Chief Financial Officer. "International sales have been strong through distribution of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, while we maintain the leading position in the domestic market."

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