Dark Age of Camelot Gets 1.105 Patch

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Today, BioWare and Mythic announced that the Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) 1.105 patch has gone live.  The DAoC 1.105 patch includes a long awaited update to the training window UI. 

The training window UI will now allow players to train all of their spec lines and their Realm Abilities with the push of a single button.  Sliders have been added to ease the process of which line to train as well as show players exactly what will be trained to what level.  In addition newly acquired styles and spells are immediately shown to the player so they can make more informed choices about their character’s progression. 

Other major features that have gone live with 1.105 include: 

  • Bainshee class balance
  • Increased number of displayed buffs
  • Continued dungeon itemization updates
  • Epic Armor upgrades


Full Update List:



Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.105 Release Notes




Updated Training Window

August 11, 2010






Welcome to Live Patch 1.05. In this version we have additions to Epic Armors a new training window, Bainshee changes and more!  We wish to thank our intern Anthony Maurice for the work he has done with us over this summer. The training window is but one of his many contributions to the Camelot legacy.


New Things and Bug Fixes

  • Updated Training Window

    • Players may now train multiple levels on each specialization and Realm ability at once.
    • A preview is shown of the styles and spells that will be learned, all of which can be further delved in the new training window.
    • The slash command /train will open the new training window from anywhere, allowing players to plan their character in game, but will not allow  training without speaking with a trainer.
    • The minimum level displayed is determined by the level that a player will have access to the allotted specialization points.
    • Left clicking on the specialization will open the list of skills of that specialization, and the levels that they are gained.

  • User Interface

    • The maximum number of buffs that can be displayed will now equal player settings.
    • The vault window has been resized to prevent invalid slots from appearing in page view.
    • Quest objective waypoints will be displayed over the Quest Giver waypoints on the map.

Class Changes and Fixes



    • A single-target root has been added to the Spectral Force baseline:

      • Level 6 - Impeding Screech - 2.5s cast / 13s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 3 power
      • Level 12 - Obstructing Screech - 2.5s cast / 22s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 6 power
      • Level 21 - Hindering Screech - 2.5s cast / 34s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 11 power
      • Level 28 - Inhibiting Screech - 2.5s cast / 44s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 14 power
      • Level 35 - Constraining Screech - 2.5s cast / 54s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 18 power
      • Level 43 - Suppressing Screech - 2.5s cast / 64s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 22 power
      • Level 49 - Prohibiting Screech - 2.5s cast / 72s duration - 1500 range - Root (Body) - 25 power

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