Tales of Pirates II – Tribulation of Faith Tests Pirates Inner Strength

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Tales of Pirates II is making a splash with players in Closed Beta. Pirates around the world can experience the joy of sailing into uncharted waters and battling against many formidable foes in search of lost treasures. While any pirate can demonstrate his might by using brute force against his foes, what sets the great ones apart is their inner strength. This will be put to the ultimate test in the game’s new instance, the Tribulation of Faith.

Tribulation of Faith

Courageous pirates who set out on this spiritual pilgrimage will journey to the plane of their inner soul. There they must face their greatest fears. Wave after wave of monsters from their own psyche will attack until the seeds of darkness and self-doubt planted in the pirates’ souls are overcome. This is no task for the faint of heart.

A Skeleton in the Closet
At the beginning of the instance, a horde of hideous monsters spawns. Players must defeat them quickly, because a new wave of evil creatures will appear every 100 seconds whether the earlier ones have been eliminated or not. As the waves mount, the resulting chaos can overwhelm the most powerful pirates. Even successful pirates can succumb when faced with so little time to rest. During the 10th and 20th waves, the pirates will come face to face with two of their greatest nightmares. If they survive long enough, they will finally meet the seed of evil in their soul, the skeleton in their closet, in the 25th and final wave.

Party to Success
Such a dangerous test cannot be attempted alone. To take part in this trial, players will need to form a party. Each party is limited to no more than 3 players of the same class. There are also restrictions that prevent pirates from entering the instance too often, though enthusiastic pirates can get around this by using a special pass in-game. The instance is divided into 3 different difficulty ranges, based on the levels of the members in each party. They are Beginner (Levels 40-54), Intermediate (Levels 55-64) and Hardcore (Levels 65-70).

Symbol of Faith
There are no great treasures waiting at the end of this instance. The only thing pirates will find is the Symbol of Faith, which can be used to claim some fabulous rewards and experience. Valiant pirates who manage to defeat the demons in the depths of their souls will be rewarded with rare items. These include various gems that will symbolize their inner strength.

Are you ready to embark on a voyage of self discovery? Face your worst fears and conquer them all. Set yourself apart and become a legend! All this and much more is waiting to be discovered in TOP II. Join now to experience the thrill of being a pirate!

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