Billy Mitchell Drops Hammer on, Reclaims Donkey Kong Titles

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Billy Mitchell has once again made his mark on video game history after revealing two new, official world records last Saturday night, August 7th, at the International Video Game Hall of Fame celebrations in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Playing at Boomers Entertainment Center in Dania, Florida, on July 31st, Mitchell achieved his back-to-back world records on Donkey Kong and its sequel, Donkey Kong Junior; two of the most hotly contested titles in arcade history. Mitchell’s Donkey Kong rivalry with Washington State’s Steve Wiebe was even featured into the cult-favorite film The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters in 2007.

“Now that I am going into the International Video Game Hall of Fame as a member of its first class – the Class of 2010 - there wasn’t too much more I could do career-wise. However, I wanted to achieve one more milestone and accomplish a feat that would be almost impossible for anybody to beat in future years,” Mitchell stated, explaining: “I wanted to set two significant world records in a single day. Fortunately, luck favored me on that day.”

With two Twin Galaxies referees looking over his shoulder and a camcorder recording every move of the joystick, Mitchell played for almost six straight hours until he had his two world records.

“Twin Galaxies has both games recorded on videotape in their entirety,” explains Senior Twin Galaxies referee, Todd Rogers, an official with the organization that is recognized as the official scorekeepers for the worldwide gaming industry.

Mitchell scored 1,062,800 on Donkey Kong to reclaim the record from Dr. Hank Chien of New York, and 1,270,200 on Donkey Kong Junior to take the title from Mark Kiehl of Springfield, MO. The first game lasted 2 hours and 42 minutes, while the second game took 2 hours and 58 minutes. Mitchell took a 30-minute break between the two games.

When asked how long it would take before someone challenged his scores, Mitchell responded: “Soon, I hope.”

Official confirmation has been posted on Twin Galaxies’ official website at

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