TLBB Exiting Beta with Expansion – The Shadow Curse

No Comment 35 Views (EU) Ltd. has today announced its latest additions to hit martial arts based MMO, TLBB. With a number of key features and in-game events said to be available to players, version 0.85 is set to launch both the expansion pack and commercial release on 1st September, 2010.

“We’re really excited for everyone who’s been keen to find out more about the next instalment of TLBB. Now is a better time than ever for people to jump into this ancient Chinese world and witness the genuine feel it has to offer with the inclusion of some great features and a token shop that caters for everyone. The expansion, titled The Shadow Curse, is a thrilling milestone for the game, bringing with it new weapons, scenes, quests, bosses and more which will also be of value to new players wanting to experience TLBB” said Christian-Peter Heimbach, European Marketing Director for

Early indications suggest that one of the game’s main features will comprise of special artifact weapons that become available to those dedicated and persistent enough to get them. “The designs are based around ancient Chinese artifacts and updated with a modern twist to accommodate the game’s style” said one of the developers when asked about the look and feel of the weapons. Other unique features about the world include an ice cool scene as well as a snow covered area around the northern territories of the map.

The game’s Community Manager, Michael Doroszuk, has also stressed his excitement by adding “Our players have been asking about both the shop and what will be available in the upcoming expansion. With the official commercial launch of the game and the fantastic storyline that goes with the expansion, we hope their questions will be answered. On a community side, yes, we do have a number of fantastic events lined up such as the TLBB Connect event, which has proved very popular among players so far. Others that are based around some of our social networking sites include Facebook and Twitter. The only other piece of information I can give players is to look out for a special event on launch date for the expansion. There, I’ve said it”.

For all the latest on the upcoming v0.85 ‘The Shadow Curse’ expansion, please visit:

Now exiting the beta phase of the game, (EU) introduces a highly anticipated assortment of goodies in the token shop that allow players to further enhance their journey. With the inclusion of item types such as ‘Gems’, ‘Fashions’ and ‘Mounts’ that become available for purchase on the 1st of September 2010, players will be more equipped than ever to customize their characters and enter the token shop launching alongside The Shadow Curse expansion.

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