Another Massive Update for Making History II

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The developers at Muzzy Lane have just released update 1.0.17 for Making History II. All copies of the game will automatically update to this release.


New Features

- Shrank memory footprint a bit
- Improved performance a bit
- Improved animation performance
- Improved texture quality on models
- Added a number of features to prepare for web based multiplayer
- Units being bombed in a region now fire back at bombers
- Added to the options page the ability to determine which notifications will create a    pop out dialog box
- Changed Auto save functionality so it would precede end of turn processing to fix save errors
- Liberate all puppets of a master nation that gets annexed/puppeted/colonized

Bug Fixes

- Fixed move into port order to validate access before moving a unit group into port
- Disabled setting city bombing order of production/research infrastructure if there’s nothing to bomb
- Disabled setting resource bombing order if there’s nothing to bomb
- Fix naming and ideology of new nations created by region revolts


- Separate out city production and city research list panels, and added more data including specialty buildings to each
- Merge 2 region info panels into 1 and add actions to region improvements
- Combined access to city and region lists onto a single minimap button
- Moved access to Research Tree to minimap button
- Added ability to merge unit groups via the right click menu
- Update Encyclopedia to show game effects of Units, Region Improvements, City Buildings, and Research Buildings
- Added new notifications
  - Region damage from bombing
  - Units damaged/destroyed from bombing
  - Different region improvements damage from bombing
  - Shore Bombardment
  - Bombing damage to ships in port
  - Bombing damage to city/research buildings
- Added a confirm dialog for dismantling region improvements
- Made button on group bubbles in carrier and transport panels select unit groups
- Fixed issue with group bubble tooltip data
- Change Turn Status summary panel to show nation/username rather than username/username
- Fixed tooltip for resource producers on map
- Add ’%’ to stability display on nation panel
- Add selected nation name to trade partners tooltip
- Finally fixed Lake Titicaca and Lake Tana
- Fixed clipping problem on Government panel
- Add sorting to Region Statistics panel
- Added RPUs/IPUs to city tooltip
- Added owner nation name to non-controlled city tooltip
- Added maintenance cost to resource producer tooltip
- Decals now have the same tooltip as their unit group
- Added tooltip to map rivers with movement mods
- Added 2 primary combat values to unit group tooltips
- Changed arrow to point to city when bombing cities


- Fix for AI ships with orders to return to port not consistently entering the port
- Fix bug with AI canceling CMLOUnitOrderMoveIntoPort order too early
- Fixed bug that could occur in sea regions with more than one port city


- Increased range for missile units
- Change default river crossing movement penalty to 20%
- Added a 25% land attack combat penalty for attacking across a river
- Fixed Tibetan owned/controlled regions in TGQ to be consistent with other scenarios and history
- Moved Tibetan army out of Chinese controlled/owned region Wei
- Added a Tibetan Army to LDOP (They had none in this scenario)
- Changed ComChinese Nationality Template color to be different than the (Nationalist) Chinese
- Changed Communist nations state religion to "Atheism"
- Added new religion types: Atheism, Mormon & Jewish
- Changed some regional Religion assignments: added Mormon to Utah/Idaho and other minor adjustments in North America, South America & Africa
- Added missing encyclopedia descriptions for Special Forces, Paratroopers and Pref Harbors
- Fix incorrect region for city Johannesburg in all scenarios
- Fixed Nigerian/Nigerian flags being swapped
- Update a number of encyclopedia entries
- Adjusted demographic stability penalties


- Improved content updater to deal better with slow/intermittent connections


In : PC

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