Top Gun Trophy List Released

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There are a total of 12 trophies and 300 points for this downloadable title. The trophies include:

    • The Pattern Is Full: Awarded to only the best pilots that complete all single player missions with all planes. 


    • You Can Be My Wingman Anytime: Successfully complete all combat missions to become a "Top Gun."
    • That’s Right I Am Dangerous: Daring pilots that find all three of the hidden flight runs will unlock this trophy.
    • No Points For Second Place: Take the lead early in Multiplayer mode and survive to the bitter end to claim dominance over the skies. 


    • I Feel The Need: Throw the throttle forward with three afterburner boosts to take this trophy.
    • Gutsiest Move I Ever Saw: Pull off a Maverick move by taking out your enemy while using the Control Flight Instability feature.
    • Jester’s Dead: Work with your wingman to take down the infamous Jester.
    • Close But No Cigar: Graduate from Top Gun Academy, having learned a lesson from one of the best, Viper.
    • Top Gun: Don’t let Viper get you down. Go through Top Gun Academy again and prove that the student has become the master during your final exam.
    • You’re Dangerous: Head below the Hard Deck to discover one of the three hidden flight runs.
    • Target Rich Environment: Take down 100 bogeys with missiles and / or guns to take home this trophy.
    • Goosed: If you can’t cut it, other pilots are gonna mop the skies with you. Crash land ten times while in multiplayer mode and you will be saddled with this shameful award. 

Top Gun is rated T for Teen, and will also be available later this year on Mac and PC.

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