Alliance of Valiant Arms Gets New Map and Mode

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A big update just hit Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), including an all-new map and multiplayer game mode. Players looking to jump straight into the fast-paced deathmatch action in A.V.A can now quickly get their fill in the new [AI] Annihilation mode without having to wait for a full team in the online shooter. Players can start matches with as little as one person on each side of the conflict, as computer-controlled bots will fill in the open spots on each team to create a full match. AI combatants can spawn with weapons not currently available in A.V.A’s in-game store, allowing players to pick up new weapons from downed opponents.

 The twitch-based fast action-multiplayer online first person shooter (MOFPS) from also introduces Pyramid, a challenging map where the opposing factions navigate narrow corridors as they battle for control.

To enlist in the clash, visit For exciting A.V.A action on the go, check out the A.V.A Gun app for iPhone via iTunes App Store, search term: "ijji AVA."

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