MySims Online SkyHeroes Boot Camp

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In preparation for the launch of the newest MySims game on September 28th, visitors to will now be able to step into the boots of a MySims pilot and take on their first missions at MySims SkyHeroes Boot Camp.  In Boot Camp, players are shown the ropes by experienced MySims SkyHeroes in three action-packed training drills:

  • Collision Course – navigate your plane through a treacherous obstacle course without crashing!
  • Dog Fight – battle against nefarious Morcubot enemies in this side scrolling action game!
  • Bomber Run – Take out Morcubus’ ground defense with well aimed projectiles, while avoiding incoming missiles!

Visitors who register on the newly re-launched site will be able to create their own personalized avatars, track their high scores and compete on daily leaderboards, unlock achievement badges, and rank up their avatar.  Head over to to start your MySims SkyHeroes Boot Camp training today!


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