FroBot WiiWare Title Details

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Fugazo, an indie developer over in Seattle, dropped some new info on their upcoming title, Frobots. Set to hit WiiWare late this year.


Single Playa Mode

Frobot’s five super-fine girlfriends have been captured! Take down your enemies with energy blasts, missiles and mines. Solve physics puzzles with boxes, teleporters, catapults, conveyor belts, and more! As you rescue your lady bots, gain new abilities like the Robo Hustle dash and the Jive Stalker disco ball. Then use your powers to fight the BotBlocker Corporation and save robot kind!

 Special Powers

A remote mine that can be used to destroy enemies and obstacles.

Robo Hustle
A short speed boost useful for evading enemy attacks.

Stud Missile
Destroys most enemies and obstacles.

Jive Stalker
The deadly disco ball can be precisely guided with the Wii Remote pointer.

NEW FEATURE! Collectible Power Picks

Each level in the Single Playa campaign has a collectible power pick. If you can collect all five power picks in a location, you will upgrade one of Frobot’s powers.


Proximity Dynomine
The Proximity Dynomine automatically detonates when enemies walk past. It can also be remote detonated with the A button.

Killer Robo Hustle
Frobot can kill enemies while dashing.

Remote Stud Missile
The Remote Stud Missile can be detonated during flight by pressing the A button.

Golden Jive Stalker
The solid gold disco ball has an explosive area effect upon contact.

Multi Playa Mode

Only one Fro will be left standing in Multi Playa mode! Up to four Fros can do battle with energy blasts, mines, missiles, grenades, and disco balls. Duke it out in 10 maps with a variety of objects such as teleporters, moving platforms, force fields and more.

Multi Playa Exclusive Weapons

The Bass Bomb and Heartstopper Shield are weapons exclusively available in Multi Playa.

Bass Bomb

The Bass Bomb is a grenade. It’s also the only weapon in the game that can be thrown over walls. The Bass Bomb is equipped with the A button and also thrown with the A button.

Heartstopper Shield
To use the Heartstopper Shield press the Z button. It reflects energy blasts and blocks the Jive Stalker but cannot stop the explosive effects of the Dynomine or Stud Missile.





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