Phase 2 World of Tanks Beta Opens Fire

No Comment 36 Views is glad to announce the start of the Phase #2 for the closed beta of the much-anticipated World of Tanks panzer MMO game.

The start of the second phase will be followed by the fresh patch offering several new features that will enhance the gameplay and provide more tense cooperation between team-mates:

  • Squad fights. Call your friends, join action-packed battles as a single fighting unit of two or three people, and crush enemy defenses by well-coordinated actions.
  • Additional modules. Increase your firing rate by installing rammers, improve your tank’s tonnage with suspension stiffeners, put on a camouflage net and decrease your visibility, choose between dozens of upgrades that will improve your vehicle.
  • Crew kits. Equip you tank crew with fire extinguishers, repair kits, first-aid sets and other elements providing extra help in battles.
  • Brand-new maps. The game maps feature various kinds of terrain and areas to provide great replayability.

As a part of the closed beta testing, the game will be moved to the American servers, which will help the developers team gather all necessary data on the game’s performance in the region.

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