Perfect World International Celebrates Two Years, Gives Gifts to All Users

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Perfect World Entertainment today announced the second anniversary of Perfect World International, one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs to date. Within the past two years, Perfect World International has become an international phenomenon expanding from two to seven servers to support over 50 million players from around the world.

Since the beginning, Perfect World International players have experienced three major expansions including The Lost Empire, Age of Spirits and Rising Tide. Within the last year, Perfect World International’s largest expansion - Rising Tide, introduced the new Tide Born race, the stealthy Assassin and Psychic classes, four new zones, over 200 new quests and 100 new monster types. With the introduction of two new servers, Archosaur and Raging Tide, new and old players alike were able to start from the beginning of the Perfect World universe. 

"Even though we have reached the two year benchmark, we are still committed to providing players a high quality free to play game with much more content on the way," said Clifton Chu, Product Manager for Perfect World International . "We are proud to be able to respond to our players’ wants and successfully launch these expansions in a relatively short period of time. Our players make Perfect World International what it is today and to kick-off this celebration, we plan to reward every player regardless of membership length. Our hope is that players will continue with us in the adventure of creating a perfect world."

Players of Perfect World International can expect to be showered with a wealth of free cash shop items including free fashion sets, mounts, and exclusive anniversary gear when they visit their account mailbox. For more information on celebrating Perfect World International’s second anniversary, please visit

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