Open Beta Testing of Immortal Faith Set to Begin

No Comment 27 Views Inc.  today announced that its massively multi-player online role-playing game  subsidiary, Limited, will begin open-beta testing of Immortal Faith, Changyou’s first 2D martial arts MMORPG, on September 9, 2010.

Immortal Faith is a game licensed from a local game studio in


. Set against a backdrop of a number of ancient Chinese myths and folk tales, the game allows players to battle demons and assist deities in the conquest of various fairy kingdoms found in Chinese mythology. By participating in the specially designed fighting modes and utilizing the game’s featured dynamic fighting moves, the game lets users experience the life journey of becoming immortal.

Mr. Dewen Chen, President and Chief Operating Officer of Changyou, commented, "The open beta launch of Immortal Faith brings Changyou into the 2D mythical MMORPG segment, and furthers our product diversification efforts. Packed with attractive graphics showcasing different cultural elements from ancient China, the game contains many creative forms of combat aimed at attracting a new group of players to further expand our user base."

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