Console Modder Ben Heck Gets TV Show

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Just further showing how mainstream gaming itself is and Ben heckby association all things related, noted game console modder Ben Heck , will have his own TV show.

“The Ben Heck Show,” hosted by Ben Heck, today’s preeminent game console modder, is dedicated to this fast growing universe of extreme electronic enthusiasts. Sponsored by element14, an online community of modders and professional engineers, the show takes a light-hearted, fun and slightly irreverent approach to modding. 



The first episode of “The Ben Heck Show” showcases Ben’s mod of a game controller for an avid gamer with a serious disability.  Each additional show in the bi-weekly series will highlight projects inspired by the modder community, ranging from mods for a particular need to gadgets that help electronic enthusiasts work and play faster. 

 It looks like the show will be online only.

More details of the show can be found at the Ben Heck website. The show is being sponsored by element14.

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