Days of Thunder NASCAR Edition Sponsorship Details

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Someone has to pay for all those tires and fuel. So you as a driver need to do well, complete challenges and cover yourself and your ride in logos.

Matthew Newman, Producer, Piranha Games gives the inside scoop on sponsorship and racing styles.

Q:  How do sponsorships affect racing in Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition?

A: Earning a sponsor is done through playing the game and completing challenges. Some are easy and some let you explore new ways to race. When you earn a sponsor, you unlock a paint scheme you can apply to your car.

Q: What sponsors are featured in Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition?

A: We have a ton of great NASCAR sponsors, including Lowe’s, GoDaddy, Dupont, Penske Racing, FedEx Express, Office Depot, 3M Innovation, Target, U.S. Army, Petty Motorsports, Aflac, Red Bull Haas Automation, Tornados, Old Spice, FedEx Office. I haven’t been able to unlock them all in one career play through yet! Tip for anyone restarting a career in the game - Spend your money!

Q: Can you give some examples of how your driving impacts the sponsors that approach you?

A: You have to complete specific challenges in order to unlock each sponsor. This can change the strategies you use to win the race by doing a specific set of actions. If you race the same way all the time you won’t get all the sponsors!  There are some really hardcore challenges that you have to set up in order to unlock the sponsors.

Q: What are the benefits of having a sponsor?

A: The Money and the Fame! And of course getting a cool car that you can display online. Personally, I enjoy collecting them all. From there, I choose my favorite drivers and the logos that complement the look I’m going for. I change up my style all the time though.

Q: Can you have more than one sponsor?

A: You unlock sponsors and can apply them to your car at any time. You can buy a total of five cars, so you can have five sponsors, but there are no consequences for switching. Since Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition is not a SIM, we chose to let the player unlock all the sponsors and race for whichever sponsor they choose in single player and multi player.

Q: Will getting a sponsor put you on the same team as an official NASCAR driver featured in the game?

A:  It gives you the exact same car, but you still race against everyone on the track. Just like the rivalry between Cole Trickle and Russ Wheeler, there’s no special treatment from your teammates. As your crew chief Rowdy Burns, voiced by actor Michael Rooker, would say, “You gotta’ watch he don’t put you to the wall!”

Q: If you switch driving styles in the game, will the sponsors approaching you change?

A:  It’s actually necessary to change up your style in order to get the sponsors you want! There are some easier ones to get, but we also wanted to reward players for experimenting and taking risks. My favorite sponsor challenges are “No damage last race” and “place in the top 3”  There is some aggressive driving required on these tracks, so pulling this off is a feat!

It certainly sounds like they’re including some interesting twists in what could have been just a regular arcade racer.

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