War of Angels Soars to Closed Beta

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With the start of closed beta testing for gamigo’s new free-to-play MMORPG War of Angels, players can soar to new heights. The game has been completely revamped in the past months - graphics and gameplay have been updated and tailored to players from the Western world without losing any of the game’s Oriental charm.

The crowning highlight of War of Angels is the opportunity to spread one’s wings or climb up on Pegasus to soar through the air. But there’s a whole other world underwater that’s waiting to be explored as well. There are countless challenges waiting in this colorful and diverse fantasy world - including dungeons full of traps and riddles.

The game offers plenty of community features for guilds, which can engage in RvR warfare to fight for the right to rule the guild town. The guild that comes out victorious can construct buildings and hire merchants and other NPCs.

Players can find out more and register to participate in beta testing of War of Angels by visiting the official website.

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